Current Television Positions

Videographer: A camera savvy individual. This person will work the camera and the sound recording for the videos produced for GuHu Media TV. Videographers will get the chance to experiment with camera angles and techniques when filming both news reports and creative projects.                                                                         

Writer: Can also be referred to as a news collector. This person will go out and collect information on what’s happening in the school or world for a news broadcast. A writer can also connect with their creative side and create a script for short movies or episodes.                                                                                                                        

Reporter (Broadcast): If you like to talk this is the job for you! Reporters are the ones in front of the camera. You’ll be asking the questions and keeping your interviewees comfortable. News reporting, event reporting, and special research cases of your choosing; pick up a microphone and get filming.                                                       

Editor (Video): This is the person that puts it all together in the end. They take the raw film and turn it into a beautiful video for our GuHu TV YouTube page. They use editing software of their choosing to do this editing work.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Actors: These are for our creative projects and short films. The writer will give you a script and you act your heart out.