Current Radio Positions

Station Program Director

This is the head of the station who manages the whole program, leads the team to make sure all shows are approved by the VP and that the program is top quality each time.


These are the people to take all of the pieces of work, including the music playlist/mix, the host audio clips, and editing it all down into one clean, properly-mixed audio file that is ready to be uploaded and broadcasted.


In charge of putting together the final mixes/playlist of songs that will go onto the show to be broadcasted.


The voice(s) that will be heard conducting interviews and/or hosting the program by introducing mixes/songs/etc.


In charge of gathering and organizing a variety of new talent to showcase on the show. Also in charge of social media, taking music requests, running any social media accounts for the station.


In charge of broadcasting full episodes of program, and uploading the completed broadcast onto SoundCloud and/or YouTube.

Director of Sales

In charge of gathering ratings numbers, watching response from social media, following trends, and keeping the whole station up-to-date with the music scene in their respective genre.