The GuHu Media Society’s Television division (fun to say) was formed to give students in all years use of the broadcast studio. Students will be given the chance to create video content for GuHu Media’s YouTube channel. They will learn how to use industry-approved equipment and how to write for broadcast television. Students are encouraged to think creatively and discuss new ideas through this medium. Whether you like working with technical equipment, writing, or being in front of a camera this will be a great learning experience for you


Benjamin Eppel, Vice President of Television
Benjamin Eppel, Vice President of Television

I’m Ben Eppel, a 4th year media student specializing in Public Relations. I joined GuHu in my third year, and am completely dumbfounded at how much I’ve been able to learn. If learning new things and having fun sounds like your jam, contact me at!


To see some of GuHu TV’s past video content check out our YouTube channel.

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