GuHu Media is one of Guelph-Humber’s many societies, but it is more than just a society. GuHu Media allows students to practice skills valuable in the workplace. Whether you chose to pursue Journalism, Public Relations, Digital Communications, Media Business¬†or Visual Communications, GuHu Media can become a creative outlet for you to express your ideas and build on the skills that you will learn in your classes.

GuHu Media believes in learning by doing. It involves work that is hands-on, individual, and group-based. Guelph-Humber allows Media Studies students to run GuHu Media independently. Students in all years come together to produce content and share ideas. Students learn time management, teamwork, judgment, and knowledge through GuHu Media. The skills learned from the classroom are applied to create something that students can learn from and improve through practice and gaining experience.


We are the future of media. We prepare you for your media career yet to come. We at GuHu want our members to learn practical skills that they will use in the future. The relationships and memories they make are just one of the many added bonuses of GuHu.



2016 – 2017 Executive Team:

Megan Hutchison, President

Ben Eppel, Vice President of Television

Warren Schlote, Vice President of Journalism

Christina Tucci, Vice President of Public Relations

Kathryn Johnson, Vice President of Activities

Bradley Malecki, Vice President of Communications & Marketing

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