GuHu Journalism gives Guelph-Humber students a chance to practice and develop their writing skills. Even if you haven’t taken any journalism classes yet, you are still welcome to join the division. Senior students who have specialized in journalism are here to provide advice and guidance to all members of the journalism division. Through GuHu journalism, you’ll learn interview tips, news gathering techniques and what makes a story newsworthy. Is CP style your thing? Attend copyediting workshops to either hone your skills or share your knowledge with your peers. You will also get the opportunity to work with peers who have already built up experience as journalists, and hear stories from the field. Best of all? Get your work published and start building your professional portfolio!

Headshot of Warren Shlote, the Vice President of Journalism

So you want to be a journalist, do you? Well good luck you’ve come to the right place! My name is Warren, and I’m GuHu’s vice-president of journalism. This is a new division that is still getting off the ground, but we’re always looking to grow and add new members. I’m realistically still too new to this field to say that I’ve “been around the block,” but in the past few years that I’ve been reporting, I’ve definitely learned a lot. I have written about entertainment, lifestyle, science/technology, politics and transportation and have had bylines in school, non-profit and big-league publications. One time, the CBC even paid me for a story—they never ended up using it, but that’s another tale for another time and I still got paid so hey, I can’t complain. I’m really passionate about teaching people topics I claim to know something about, and journalism is definitely one of those topics. I’m happy to field any questions or comments you have about journalism, my experiences, or my favourite product by Nathan Airchime (hint: it’s the K5H). You can reach me at, or find me at the media cage a few times a week.

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