This is the division of GuHu Media that truly lets you display your creative side and express who you really are while having fun! GuHu Radio is the perfect outlet for students interested in building their portfolio, and to those who are interested in pursuing a career in radio broadcasting. GuHu Radio gives students the freedom to choose the style and structure of the radio show they want to host (in terms of content, personality, etc). Students are also given the freedom to play the music of their choice! Current radio hosts play everything from local and upcoming artists, to mainstream and independent music.

Through GuHu Radio, students learn a number of important skills necessary to succeed in the industry. Those interested in being on-air will have to develop an idea for a radio show, formulate a script and pitch the idea to the Radio Division Head. We are looking for serious and dedicated students for our division. For students interested in getting involved in the radio division, feel free to email about your interest and any ideas you may have!

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