Public Relations

The students at Guelph-Humber are among the most creative in Toronto and GuHu is dedicated to showcasing their talents. We host events several times a year that aim to engage and inspire and create new content such as videos and written pieces each week. Making the content is one thing, ensuring that our 60+ members and 600+ followers know about it is another. That is where the public relations division comes in. We are the gatekeepers between the society and the Guelph-Humber population, making sure that GuHu’s work does not go unnoticed. Through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and classroom visits, our job is to make sure that the work of GuHu’s members is seen by all.


Meet your Vice-President of Public Relations, Christina Tucci!An image of Christina, the VP of Public Relations

Hello all! My name is Christina and I’m a fourth-year media student specializing in Public Relations. I’ve been a member of GuHu since orientation of first year and am thrilled to now be on the executive team! I hope to make the public relations division an expansion of our in-class education and put those skills we’ve learned into practice.

I can be contacted at for any questions.


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