GH Film Festival

Poster for Guelph-Humber (GH) Film Festival

🎬 Our call for submissions for GuHu’s annual Film Festival is open! 🎥

If you fancy yourself a film buff, videographer, amateur filmmaker, or just have a knack for cinematography, send us your 5-15 minute short film for a chance to get up on the big screen!


Due by: December 20th



  1. 5 – 15 Minutes in Length
  2. Cannot Exceed PG13 Rating
  3. “Best Foreign Film” can only be won by a non-Guelph-Humber Student


You can submit your film at with your name, your film’s name, year of study, program and student number. Please send it to us in a way it can be easily downloaded.



Best Feature

Best Directing

Best Cinematography

Student’s Choice

Best Foreign Film



    1. Kirk Jennings

      Hey Patrick,

      We are accepting admissions from Guelph-Humber students. There are no requirements for what genre or any specific brand of camera. Anything you create that is 5-15 minutes, PG-13, and sent to in a downloadable format (e.g. Dropbox, Vimeo or Google Drive) will be accepted!

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